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NFL Punt/Pass and Kick Results Ages 10 thru 15

    Stateline Youth Football Camp July 14th, 2016 – PUNT, PASS & KICK Competition Last Name First Name Age   PUNT   PASS   KICK   TOTAL   Holloway Keyvon 11 79.00 87.17 48.42 214.59 1 Miller Brayden 11 92.00 73.08 38.33 203.41 2 Martinez Emanuel 11 56.42 62.92 41.08 160.42 3 Partlow Brayden […]



NFL Punt/Pass & Kick Results Ages 5 thru 9

    Stateline Youth Football Camp July 14th, 2016 – PUNT, PASS & KICK Competition Last Name First Name Age   PUNT   PASS   KICK   TOTAL             Banker Colton 6 28.00 26.25 23.67 77.92 1 Webster Maddox 7 23.00 29.75 0.08 52.83 2 St Vincent Kamden 7 7.67 […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Once again Dick’s Sporting Goods and your Macktown Warriors are making the season better for your family. First, by offering these coupons. Click on the link below and it will re-direct you to a site where you’ll be able to print out the coupons.   More exciting news to follow…   https://myscorecardaccount.com/crmcdn/getoffer.aspx?offer_entity_code=O239QCJH&token=8gch5dvjrBaQtW6OswesbHqd6J4EQENhxsZBItUxBnakCyrXDAXs3A7JijTpQu7zl4orumgMWWElWr4TqLmQ2&p=true&vt=42506.4179015857&vth=5gm-w0AfQgSZjo34C2KA-Rt7BAz2OAZl0jef0XYUi0M6NFmDji0fZcnpoZVIs6Ngk6dO2rqXOXMUrswwWIkPg2    



Macktown Scholarships

Macktown Football Scholarships We’re excited to share some very important news – Macktown Warriors Youth Football will be providing 50 Football Scholarships on a first-come, first-serve basis. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that 50 kids from our Stateline communities will play Football for the 2016 Season for FREE. Yes, 10 Kids at […]

Trench Training

  Macktown Warriors Youth Football is excited to announce another great opportunity for all of our Athletes from our Surrounding Communities! Trench Training is 8 Week’s of intensive training to make our Athletes better prepared for the upcoming season. Training will begin the 2nd week in May on Monday night 5:30pm to 7pm for Youth […]


Facts about Macktown!

Some Facts that you might not know.. – We have 5 Teams that start at 3rd/4th grade levels, we believe strongly that no child younger than 3rd grade not playing contact sports, simply for their safety,    equipment does begin to protect at their ages. – Every player gets a personalized jersey. – We hold a camp […]

2016 Important Dates To Remember!

Bookmark this post! Here are all of the important dates to remember (so far…) for the upcoming 2016 season: Pow-Wow @South Beloit Businessmen’s Hall: February 27th 12 PM to 2 PM Hononegah Football Camp: TBD Stateline Youth Football Camp @ Beloit College: July 11th – 18th Conditioning @The Rockton Athletics Fields: July 18th – 22nd […]



Macktown Strong

Join us as we look forward to a new season. Take a couple minutes to watch our 2015 video entitled ‘Macktown Strong’.  The Macktown Warriors are committed to excellence in the face of adversity. This video documents the founders and their strength to step away from the ‘norm’ and create a different learning experience for […]